Practice Your Listening Skills

We all know them – people who have the answer to your question before the words are out of your mouth.  A friend like this can become insufferable.  But a consultant who can’t wait to give you the answer to your problem can cost you time and money.

At first, it’s a relief.  Finally a consultant shows up with some ideas and some conviction! But then, it sinks in…..did he take the time to really understand our situation?  Before you know it, you can be sailing down a river you had no intention of exploring.

Consultants are entrepreneurs.  They’re used to thinking on their feet and being aggressive with their ideas and their pitch.  When you start to get the feeling that they’re barrelling through your problem without taking the time to adequately investigate, gently suggest that they practice their listening skills. 

“Let’s really talk this through.” 

“Help us look at this from all angles.”