Grant Writing

The grant experience is all about “many are called but few are chosen.”  The name of the game is competition, whether the grant is sent to a local foundation or a federal agency. An organization’s ability to compete directly relates to its level of expertise and experience.

It usually isn’t necessary to hire a consultant to write a winning grant. There are lots of training opportunities, online resources, and books to help new proposal writers understand the ins and outs of grantsmanship. Writing winning proposals really has to do with a) being a decent writer; and b) following the funding source’s directions to the letter.

When do you need a consultant?  You need expert help when a grant is complex, involves many partners, represents a new program area, and is very high stakes, i.e. you can’t afford to lose. In these situations, a grant consultant acts as a project manager, helping a group refine its idea and bring all the critical pieces together in a coherent and winning proposal.

Wilberg Community Planning LLC knows grant writing. Janice Wilberg taught grant writing at UW-M for several years and currently serves as the facilitator of the Nonprofit Center’s Planners and Grantwriters Roundtable. She has written winning grants in areas ranging from Head Start to older adult services, including alcohol and drug prevention and treatment, employment, prisoner re-entry, youth development, and immigrant resettlement.

Wilberg Community Planning’s approach to a proposal is inclusive, efficient, and smart. Most of all, it’s focused on winning.

Some examples:

  • Milwaukee County Family Drug Treatment Court
  • Milwaukee County Adult Treatment Court
  • Waukesha County Drug Free Communities
  • Pan-African Community Association Refugee Resettlement
  • Emergency Shelter/Transitional Housing/Homeless Prevention Program
  • Milwaukee Brighter Futures
  • Milwaukee Continuum of Care Annual HUD Submission


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