Group Facilitation

There’s a big difference between a meeting and a productive meeting.

A lot of valuable time is wasted in meetings that are directionless, repetitive, and boring.  Important projects and critical coalitions have dissolved because meetings became dysfunctional or conflict-focused.

Professional group facilitation can make a huge difference.  Productive meetings can be accomplished even when groups are very diverse, have controversial or complex issues, and may have a history of conflict or sabotage.

Janice Wilberg, Wilberg Community Planning LLC, is a trained group facilitator.  She received training in group facilitation techniques from the Institute for Cultural Affairs and public participation strategies from the International Association for Public Participation.

She uses a variety of proven methods to insure that:

  • Each meeting has a clear agenda and desired outcome.
  • Everyone is a welcomed and respected contributor.
  • Discussion strategies are efficient and inclusive.
  • Conflict is issue-focused and productive.
  • Next steps are clear and achievable.
  • Group members are enthusiastic and optimistic about their progress.

Examples of successful group facilitation:

  • City of Milwaukee Lead Poisoning Prevention Planning Process
  • City of Sheboygan Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Development Process
  • Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division Strategic Planning
  • Mental Health Task Force Strategic Plan
  • Waukesha County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council

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