Good research leads to good decisions.

It’s really that simple.

Understanding what is happening right now is key to developing good policy and effective programs.

Wilberg Community Planning LLC has a proven record of substantive research in human services and community development. Janice Wilberg is a trained researcher with expertise in both quantitative and qualitative methods. She has coordinated community surveys at both the design and ground levels; and is an experienced and skilled interviewer and focus group facilitator. She has conducted extensive policy/participant/program analyses that have led policymakers to create major new policy and program initiatives.

What are the key elements of good research?

  • Good research is timely and focused.
  • A good researcher has technical skills, critical thinking ability, and a deep understanding of the practical constraints of the community research environment.
  • Good research talks the language of regular people; in other words, it’s meant to be used by real people making important decisions.
  • Collaboration and dialogue create better research products. Ivory tower research doesn’t work in today’s environment.

Examples of recent research products include:

  • Milwaukee Homeless Point in Time Research Report 2011 (forthcoming)
  • 2009 Milwaukee Youth Survey
  • Connections:  Strategies for Better Outcomes for Girls in the Juvenile Justice System
  • Sheboygan Neighborhood Revitalization Survey
  • Analysis of Best Practices in Health Care for the Indigent

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